Okay I did it.... I let go of perfection and launched the podcast

open up to find the latest episode and let me know if any resonates with you

Hey Builder,

Okay I know I know, I’m the queen of telling everyone else to let go of things being perfect to just start but you know how hard it is when you know EXACTLY how you need to do things and it’s NOT perfect. I’ve had this idea the last year of sharing my story and the stories of folks I don’t see often in a series.

But … it’s easier to take on more clients and help them instead of putting myself out there. It’s also quicker money to get paid to do the work for others and helping elevate their businesses.

After all, I am in operations, I’m used to being behind the scenes and not the face. But here I am building a platform where we talk about building and so I’m leaning into it.

And more so sharing my journey cause i don’t think you all realize how random and bizarre my life is. I also started digging deeper as to why I even wanted to work for myself and it’s because my dream is to travel and work on my own terms.

So as I reach for my first 100K solely on my digital business on Build with Joy and doing only work I truly love. I will be debt-free and free to live as a digital nomad not chained to any one place while working remotely with people all over the world. My goal this summer is to transition from corporate clients to fully focus on the Bootcamp and only offering VIP implementation days. So I can truly work less while saving up for this dream.

So I’m not there YET… and this is the first step where I bring you all on this journey to well… Build with Joy.

Every Sunday you can expect a solo episode with me, my updates, and lessons I’ve learned building and Tuesday Episodes with amazing Entrepreneurs like this week with Cinthya of Utz Threads on how to build an ethical business.

I hope you enjoy the episode you can also listen on Anchor, Spotify, google play, and

and you can watch it here on Youtube

If you listen please tag me and let me know what you took away from the episodes so far!

Keep building,

Joy Valerie

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