Can the internet bring us closer together?

I'm not sure but want to test this out with me? 👀

Hola Amigos,

As you probably know I basically live on the internet. My career I’ve been in the online advertising and now in data analytics, my hobbies include blogging, podcasting, and building digitally. How did I become obsessed with the internet no one asked? well… when I was backpacking in my early 20’s I met the coolest people in the world (literally) with the most amazing stories. I learned more from everyday people than I ever did in my books I spent years studying. However, there always comes that time where you say goodbye - the reality being you might never meet again in person. That’s when I began connecting with folks via the internet.

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Yes, the days before Instagram - via Facebook. Then later I found myself back in new york city, dreading going to work in an office where I was 1 of 2 women and the only person of color. So I started sharing my truth online - this was almost 7 years ago and since then I have connected with others like me all over the world. Turning those chance connections into collaborations, events, and business partnerships.

Many of you probably found me through an Instagram post, a tweet, podcast, or blog because you thought “#relatable”. The truth is there are many of us out there that feel the same. We walk through this world with different experiences based on our nationality, ethnicity, the color of our skin - but at the end of the day we all crave connection.

And maybe it sounds too hopeful - but after traveling to over 26 countries and meeting people of all backgrounds - we really are not that different. It’s society that tells us to treat each other differently over silly things like race, religion, and skin color. Many of us have lost our wealth by loosing our ancestral knowledge - many like myself not even knowing where lineage comes from.

So long story short - that’s kind of my goal with Basic Brown Nerd, yes the future is brown but that doesn’t mean we have to erase our past - instead, let’s ensure that we preserve our stories, share them far and wide, and keep learning more about our own histories to ensure we don’t repeat mistakes int the future.

oh, and yes, I’m doing A THING! Welcome to the first-ever Nerding Out Saturday - where we will have a fun Saturday from home, start off with yoga, followed by inspirational Nerd Talks, live podcasting, workshop, and comedy. Throughout the day we will have time to meet other people? How - you will be matched up with other attendees and have time to connect and make new friends!

It’s an awesome line up so be sure to RSVP here and let’s hang out, and yes you can totally be limpiando la casa, and having a lazy day with all of us.


I’d love to know how you’ve leveraged the internet, let me know by responding to me or as always tagging me on Instagram or twitter @joyvaleriee.

See you Saturday,

Joy Valerie Carrera