How to be full of Joy Every Day...

JK some day's just suck and that's OKAY, I'm not here to be your super peppy friend (cause soy darks) but here are some things going on to make it a wee bit better..

Hello and Happy February,

If you have a significant other congrats on a year of love, if you are self-partnered and allergic to romantic love like me. I hope you’re enjoying 50% off chocolates. Now if you opened this hoping I was going to give you some tips on how to be happy every day, oops my bad.

TLDR; Feel your Feels The Icky One’s too and skip down to my suggestions, tips & tricks

The TL version

Some days just suck, especially NOW, let yourself be mad and upset. Yes, some people have it worse - but that doesn’t mean you have to always be happy. I think social media sometimes make us feel like we always have to be happy, practice gratitude and mindfulness and strive to be the best version of ourselves. Which yes - cool but I’m gonna be that person that’s grateful and also wants to scream and say effff this sh*t #resetthesimulation.

I used to be that anxious smiler then about 7 years ago I openly shared I was depressed and it changed the game. I hadn’t even reached the worst of it . Every year since it’s gotten a little better.

I realized I didn’t have to “pretend” to be full of Joy (being named joy is a blessing and curse I tell ya), sometimes I can just embrace being a bitter New Yorker who actually doesn’t think your baby is cute and was just being polite - in fact doesn’t even like babies (oops sorry).

So why am I sharing this, inviting you to be angry and sad and feel all the feels even the ugly ones? Cause this year - was different I couldn’t tell if this seasonal depression or covid left over, maybe some both, maybe burn out by obsessively working paying off my debt and supporting my family and saying yes to everything. So I wanted to share in case it inspires you.

So to take care of my mental health this year I’m saying NO. Saying no to anything that’s not my end goals. Anything that doesn’t make me happy and setting all the boundaries .

I’m being super selective about who I work with and what I do and finally launching my boot camp after 4 MVP beta rounds on March 13th (yes, not so low key plug).

I’ve been wanting to do it all- and tbh I’m TIRED . Like wtf am I doing ? and why? who truly cares other than me? So scaling back and focus on the high $$$ to pay myself to create more and reach my goals and being more real with myself and you. Starting by not being happy all the time.

If you are loving this side you can send me some cafecito sure but better yet share this with a friend that you think will need


Yes, I’ll share about tech, social media, and biz but more so another the intersections how we can use tech & social media to connect to achieve our goals as a tool.

So here we go what your really came for and not just my oversharing,

This Month’s Suggestions, Tips & Tricks

Tech news : 



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What I’m up to this month ? 

  • On demand idea for biz : I’m pausing my MVP live bootcamps but here is my on demand workshop. All funds from sales will go to cover scholarships for BIPOC owns social impact biz . (PS: This is pay what you can starting at $7 but if you’re struggling and need a free pass don’t hesitate to dm me on IG

  • I’ve decided to go with the “your own demand COO” slogan, let me know what you think. Cause we can all be CEO’s with visions and ideas but how ya gonna break it down? execute? know what moving parts you need? That’s where I come in ;) if you think you need to rent my brain or know someone that does you can book me here.

  • I’ll be having a free workshop for Social Impact business owners & EduCreators sharing my best practices on how to build community centered content & systems to scale your brand on digital March 8th so stay tuned cause I’ll share the link here first.

As usual, I live on the interwebs so tiktok, tweet me, DM me if ya wanna reach me *beep beeb be doop*.

Just reply back to this email if you found any of this useful, I’m going to aim to do this biweekly on Tuesdays Miami cafecito time (but no promises, I’m tired). If you wanna challenge me and up the stakes go right ahead ya girl needs encouragement.

Hasta la proxima,

Joy Valerie Carrera