Long time no talk, can we still be friends? 👀

No but fr, it's been brutal but here is what I've been up to and some fun new events I have for you.

Hello Dear Friend,

First off thanks for taking the time to hit that subscribe button and follow along with some big haired girl taking nerd shit on the internet, I truly thank you. It’s been a wild ride tbh I often joke that “my life is a joke” cause every ridiculous thing just happens - now I feel like the whole world is getting a little piece of that in 2020.

Like for real, is someone going to tell us that the simulation has gone awry or we’ve epically failed the test at being human?! LOLz, laughter tbh is how I cope with things especially around this time of the year weather is changing and guess who’s back “DEPRESSION” yea that b*tch. But this year I AM READY!

How I’m gonna overcome the SAD

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a very real thing, and millions of folks struggle with it pre 2020 circumstances. I’ve struggled with depression since I was a tween and realized - it’s okay to slow down and reprioritize to prepare.

I’m always doing 7million and 23 things so slowing it down and focusing on 2 core things Build with Joy - sharing my knowledge and passion to motivate other folks to build social businesses- and my agency work building digital systems & operations for awesome companies.

I realized Basic Brown Nerds has been on hiatus and will continue to be until I can fundraise to hire a team and turn it a space to promote awesome folks (so look out for that - It will be back and better than ever) meanwhile I’m going to focus on sharing my own story and what I know which tbh is TERRIFYING.

So that being said - I am focusing on the blog more sharing books you need to read. On TikTok & Instagram Reels making 15 second hacks and Youtube doing deep dives on software and more. This literally brings me joy - I can talk tech, process, and money forever. So I will be picking this newsletter up aiming for biweekly let’s see if I can get it weekly - please let me know what you want to learn.

Moving Forward

Around this time is when I host tons of events and startup weekends but since it’s covid times - I’ll be hosting monthly brunch & learns virtually for my Digital Builder Members and doing bootcamps!

So first bootcamp coming up is for my content creators ! Now this isn’t for everyone - it’s for the creator that is READY to make money from their content. I have worked the last 7 years in the advertising tech space with publishers, influencers, networks and agencies in the business of making money online. Yes, it’s possible.

We will have a 5 session boot camp throughout the weekend where you will learn how to build a product that you can sell to monetize your influence, learn how to price your content, and build passive streams of revenue. If this is something you’re down for I am giving a $75 off to the first couple of folks who sign up at $175 before Early Bird pricing even goes out. If you want to join in on this month’s Brunch and Learn Sign up here.

I’m pretty sure that will keep me busy this fall. As always- I want to know what you want to learn and keep being here to serve you! Feel free to respond back to this email with your thoughts :)

Hasta la proxima,

Joy Valerie