Regardless we keep building...

But first here is a jam packed election free update to keep you sane with all things at the intersection of tech, money, media & creating

Hola Familia,

Yes, I know we’re anxious asf - pero we keep building regardless. We may not know the results of the election for days to come but that doesn’t mean the world stops , even though it feels like it. So I wanted to pack this newsletter this week with resources to make you smile, learn, and build. One key way is by setting GOALS, just one at least.

My goal is to stay consistent &FOCUSED ASF the rest of the year and keep creating.

I also want to point out - I cope by building things, creating, and math - yes that includes money math. I may or may not have been budgeting and forecasting my money math to calm my nerves (pero soy nerd so…).

However, if you cope by laying down and taking a nap, you do you! and remember …




  • Need some Self Care? Yes, yes you do. Clare of Beauty Traducida*, a licensed esthetician, gotchu with her self care tips on her blog and skincare tips on TikTok*

  • Need to laugh ? Check out Brownish Live on youtube with one of my fav funny chapinos Erik Rivera and Sasha Merci

  • Want to create and write out all your feels (I very much am). Grecia* has been sharing great tips on Tradition Writers and launched some workbooks for you to keep calm and write.

  • If you’re like “I need to Hold myself Accountable” and want to do so with other BIPOC in a queer friendly space. I’m so proud to share with you Ve Martinez*, has launched her program! She’s an engineer & researcher taking a wholistic & strategic approach to building - you don’t need a fixed idea just support so check it out here .

  • MY WIN OF THE MONTH! I was published in Verizon’s In The Know talking about Latina Equal Pay and yea the numbers look like poo for Latinas but WE KEEP Building and it’s all about building UP our community. Check out the full piece here.

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And if you are loving this, I have more to come on Basic Brown Nerds, I took the plunge and did it I launched a crowdfund for Basic Brown Nerds, my mission is to take what I have learned in advertising tech on the publisher side and build a cooperative style media hub where we have creators actually THRIVING from creating STEM based media. So if you have a min to contribute so we can build a team would appreciate it or if your business is looking for advertising reaching over 50K let me know and check it out here!

Last thing, think about WHO you were 4 years ago , how much you have grown. 4 years ago I was miserable at my job, working with the dream that one day I would be able to work from anywhere and not be tied to a 9-5. Today I am writing this from my bed, I meet my weekly $ goal so I could just chill tbh (obvs I won’t).

As much as I want to panic I think about what I am grateful for, how 2016 pushed me to create and share my voice, how it’s led to building an amazing community and meeting so many more people that are pushing for change every single day.

Despite all you see - I know we will build a better future together.

I am more driven now than ever to keep creating and sharing what I know. I hope you will join me in that.

So Happy Hump Day and remember keep BUILDING & CREATING regardless.

Hasta la proxima,

Joy Valerie Carrera

PS: I’ll be off social for the week cause sanity so if you need to reach me just reply to this email and feel free to give me some constructive feedback & let me know what you want to see more of <3

* Tooting my own horn here and being a proud mama at some Build with Joy bootcamp student & client wins!*