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So many of us have gotten a nice check in our bank accounts from the stimulus relief to make COVID less of a struggle. I’m not gonna lie it was pretty nice to get cash just popped into my bank account but we can’t be bought over by cash when lack of response by our administration is leading to our economic distress, and many lives with black, Latino lives at disproportionately higher rates.

Honestly - we don't have to struggle this much. The systems in place have made it harder for black folks in USA post-emancipation which in turn has been used as a template towards other minority groups as the US progressed. So as Latinx, and a child of immigrants, we owe a lot to our black brothers and sisters who have laid out a path for us to keep fighting for what’s fair and true equality.

There are many opportunities for success but there are many gatekeepers - so if you take away something it’s now more than ever don't be a gatekeeper. Keep sharing opportunities & resources, keep supporting and buying from one another, so that we can all thrive. We are doing just that at this week's Side Hustle Summit hosted by Yo Quiero Dinero podcast.

So thought this week, how are you opening doors for others?

Books to read :

If you're feeling like you need to be uplifted and pondering life let's read Women Writing Resistance, a collection of essays from women of Latin Americ and the Caribbean. Check it out on Book Shop as an alternative to amazon sources from local bookstores (Click here)*

Creator Shoutout :

Brown-ish LIVE on YouTube & Facebook hosted by Erik Rivera and Sasha Merci where every Monday they talk to comedians, actors, and producers about representation in Hollywood tackling tough topics while also making us laugh. Set a reminder!

Tech to use:

These last month in quarantine has been super stressful as someone with ADHD and depression- hence why I’m staying busy 😂 thank you all for entertaining my latest project. I've been using Bloom App which used a cognitive behavioral therapy approach to mindfulness. This week focusing on what we can control- and tbh building right now is the only thing I can control. It has video and writing prompts I love - so check it out try the free trial and if you’d decide it’s for you I’ve teamed up to get you all 25% off using JOY25 .*

Lemme know what you think 😁


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Hasta la proxima semana and remember keep opening doors and feel free to send me how opportunities to share with folks!

<3 Joy Valerie Carrera

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