Why do we procrastinate ?

No I'm serious why do we do this? As I procrastinate sending this newsletter & telling you about tonight's event (oops) * anyways open up for all the deets & resources*

Hello again friend,

OOops I did it again *cue #freebrittany* but no for real, i didn’t stick to my biweekly schedule to send out this email and tell you about everything going on. sorry :/

Why? I do have a good reason I swear well my power went out but then I was able to get my dad a COVID Vaccine (PS: TurboVax in NYC is where it’s at), and then… I was just scared.

Which got me thinking why do we procrastinate - now I could just blame it on my ADHD - which yes that’s a factor, but it’s also what makes me highly organized and being able to do it so why? Why was I putting this off….

A while back while procrastinating I found myself on ADHD tiktok and came across a video that said

“you procrastinate because you either don’t find it interesting or you are afraid”.

And yes uh it’s the latter- eeek EXPOSED! I am afraid - why? Because I hate HATE coming off salesy and I also struggle with thinking I’m good enough to even speak on the matter that I have spend my entire adult live in - systems & ops.

So lemme tell ya the deetz of what I’ve been putting off- I’m launching my bootcamp - that’s honestly been in the making since 2018, I started testing last april and perfecting with weekend bootcamps to now launch my official offical program.

TLDR : I did eeet and Launching my Bootcamp eeek

It is a 10 week “Systems To Scale” bootcamp for social impact entrepreneurs, digital creatives, and small business owners to build core business systems to grow and not become another statistic - but rather get focused, profit, and truly impact.

The first 1/2 we will focus on building those core foundational systems and 2nd half on content marketing to tell people about what we are building, build community, and leverage tech to work for us! Uh okay i nerd out getting excited about this. Orientation to get to know your fellow Beta cohort is Saturday March 13th and week one begins March 20th!

So I’m hosting a master class on SYSTEMzzzz tonight on Zoom LIVE (RSVP HERE - if you can’t make it the replay will be available for 24 hours) . this is a preview a 101 level but also just get you thinking more process oriented and if you’re LIKE LISTEN i just wanna sign up for your bootcamp right now (here ya go!)


OKAY now that that’s out of the way let’s talk about HABITz to get us out of the procrastination zone and into the productive get shiiiii done zone. How are we doing this? The gems…..

Tech Zone

Creating Zone

Money Zone

Events I’m doing and a part of

Okay - now that I have read atomic habits (instead of audiobook) and on day 3 of trying these strategies - I’m making it a goal to send these weekly!

PS: Let me know what you want to build more of and as always feel free to reply with any questions feed back but better yet join me tonight on le zoom ;)

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Hasta la proxima,

Joy Valerie