1 in 4 latinas start business but will we make it?

If women like these team up and make it happen maybe we can...

Hey Builder,

Happy Monday - I’m really excited you know why?! Because it’s the first day of the Side Hustle Summit numero 3! Yup, the third one. This came out of Jannesse from YoQuieroDinero Podcast connecting some amazing mujeres on the internet with an idea to build together and help other women fight the patriarchy through financial independence. One DM slide and goal to build equitably sharing our lessons as we were building our businesses to build.

Yes, the world might seem rough and there are very real situations that face our communities every day but at the same time we have this tool - the internet - a new technology that is allowing us to connect and build better systems, not just in business but in our society.

Almost 4 years ago I started sharing my story online and since been connected to so many amazing women building, yes even before the pandemic. When we team up - we are unstoppable. You can find your biggest supporters on the internet and even business partners. The key is just starting, not being perfect!

I realized I need to let go more of being a perfectionist and just start - just build and stick to the deadline even if its not perfect.

So you get an extra email this week to kick off the Side Hustle Summit and me finally putting the podcast I wanted to start a year ago talking to some of those amazing builders the internet has connected me to starting with Cinthya of Utz Threads (who just has launched her second product line- check it out here they’re ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!)

you can also listen to the podcast here : {LISTEN TO ME HERE}

and if you want to build with us this week you can still get your ticket to the Side Hustle Summit this week 6 days of workshops with amazing mujeres.

Join the Sumit

I’ll be back in your inbox this Wednesday at Cafecito time with all the resources, events, goodies until then let me know what you’re building!

hasta la proxima,

Joy Valerie Carrera