Are you used to chaos and inconvenience?

building is hard and we deserve to thrive. Open up for your dose of joy with resources to build, shout outs, and communities to connect with.

Are you used to inconvenience & obstacles? 

Hey Builders,

It's been a week- err month- year, and the truth is - as someone who's used to the chaos and has literally made a career from turning chaos into structure & simplistic, I realized... I get used to the inconveniences in my own life.

I can spot the inconveniences in businesses and workflows, but sometimes I'll admit, like most of us, I get a bit too comfortable with my own day-to-day in industry and in life and get used to the chaos. 

But it adds up, and we get used to accepting less than we deserve. It can sometimes be the little things; instead of stopping to optimize - and fix it - we power through and make due.

Last weekend, my friend Susie was pointing out how I was driving with my car windshield full of pollen, and tbh I hadn't even noticed. I just drove through the inconvenience- squinting my eyes but instantly headed to the gas station to clean it since she would be driving the car halfway on our mini NY road trip. I could not let her go through the inconvenience. 

But why should I? It took me less than 10 minutes to stop and clean, then it hit me - I do this a lot in my life.

I'm used to figuring it out. I live in the country, after all, where we make due. Where we literally don't rely on ourselves to bring our own gas and water. Where when the power goes out - we have a backup. I'm all for being self-sufficient and reliable - but if we have access to it, why not make life easier for ourselves? 

When you grow up with little means - you get used to inconvenience, but those little things add up and are exhausting. And sometimes we forget to ask for help, try to take it all on instead of simplifying, and sometimes even let an order go wrong and pay extra - literally costing us por pena.

So my lesson, and I hope yours is to make life a little easier for yourself—your business. And enjoy life - as comfortable & convenient why? Well, because you deserve it.

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  • VidCast Episode of the Week: Learn some lessons on building a Six-Figure Side Hustle with Jannese of Yo Quiero Dinero

  • Book: "We Should all be Millionaires" - I’m halfway through and wow just the validation reading about a brown girl from Queens talking about making money as an act against the patriarchy - making me realize. It’s not wild of me to talking about reclamando oro, but keep saying it. {Check it out Here}

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If you so choose to accept it: this week, make your life easier. Identify the little inconveniences and think about how you can simplify it - maybe it’s asking for help or setting a boundary! I encourage you to act on it this week + let me know on Twitter or IG stories how you did.

Hasta la proxima keep & building with joy ;),

Joy Valerie