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Welcome to BuildwithJoy.co!

We will look at how to build mindfully, leverage technology, and share our stories to inspire others.

I believe everything and everyone is connected -so whether it’s your personal brand, company, or creative project we can all our talents and skills to create a better society.

I am an engineer and social scientist by training, digital strategist by profession, nomad by choice and obsessed with understanding how the world around me works.

I’ve traveled the world and learned how regardless of our skin colors, nationalities, religions, or genders this is what I’ve found :

we all strive for happiness, health, and acceptance.

I’ve shared my journey blogging, podcasting, and on social media for the last 4 years. As well as running advertising campaigns for multimillion dollar companies and organization in the last decade. I’ve seen how we can each make a small impact with those around us - for better or worse, it’s up to us how we will decided to leverage technology and media.

So I’ve come to appreciate how the digital media creates tangible ways to understand people, concepts, science but most of all democratize knowledge and that is what I strive to do. We each hold so our own stories and knowledge, the more we share them with others the more we can understand what it means coexist and our shared humanity.

At the beginning of the month I will share a list of books and resources available to everyone for free from now and forever.

Each week for sponsors of this newsletter I will share resources and printable worksheets to hold us accountable so that we are always learning, building, and turning our dreams into reality because there are many out there just waiting to learn about what you have to say.

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Joy Valerie Carrera