How do we celebrate our wins while our communities struggle?

Open up for your dose of learning & reminder that Joy in a world that oppresses you is an act of rebellion

Hello Builder,

How have you been since we last spoke? I have been hella busy and I couldn’t find the right words to say and felt wrong sending out this newsletter when we were witnessing so much hurt in our communities while I at the same time was experiencing so much good in my personal life & business.

TDLR; You're allowed to be sad for your community & celebrate your wins. And always remember that your actions have a ripple effect - no matter how small, so act wisely.

I don’t know about you - but I a child of immigrants, woman, first gen, and minority-in the US - even when we are winning in our personal lives we see the pain that occurs collectively in our community that it seems wrong to celebrate. More so, recently my dad, sister got their covid19 vaccines as essential workers and my mom and step dad became eligible as community workers + their church’s food drive. Although I am so happy- it made me realize how un-essential I am in the eyes of society. I am at the bottom of the line - I work at home, i already got covid , and I am a relatively healthy millennial (yay - i guess?). (yes I am vax jelly okay let me be)

Many of us nerdy builder & creative folks - have been doing relatively well (finally), given our skills are in high demand while at the same time living with friends & family that have become unemployed, lost jobs, and gotten sick.

But we don't exists in a bubble we are interconnected - and that is what I want to focus on the chain reactions our actions have. Yes even though you might be in digital, you still can have an impact. If anything you have an impact on thoughts and opinion which will have a ripple effect. Using "influence" in a positive way.

You are the one that chooses if you will influence for will it be for good or bad.

(trust me it takes everything to not use it to be petty , but i cave in sometimes and TRY so hard to make it for good).

In the last couple months I’ve been working with amazing clients one on one and couple weeks, I launched the Systems To Scale Bootcamp (name pending thinking Build Better Systems feel free to share your thoughts ). We’re on week two and whenever I feel defeated. I think of how my seemingly “unimportant” skills I have I realize these skills, the relatively simple things that come easy to me - are a game changer for others.

I'm already seeing my clients & bootcampers make back their initial investment but better so - IMPACT OTHERS, making moves, and building community with each other. This idea that I sat on and was too afraid to launch years ago, I am starting to finally see the impact of it.

I want you to remember - your ideas can change others too, by holding off - you are limiting other. So go on and START the thing.

And on that note, here is your resources to close off March!




  • Tomorrow I will be joining Startup Life Live with the wonderful Ande Lysons talking about how to automate your business to work less, profit more, and impact the most. Tune in here and add a reminder {CLICK ME}



  • Gamma Cohort Applications for the June Bootcamp program for Entrepreneurs to build better systems will be opening up in April! There will be a max of 15 spots available so be on the look out. Want to see a preview check it out here {Click Here}

I love hearing from you, so let me know what you're building and what you have to celebrate in your life remembering that Joy in a world that constantly tries to oppress you is an act of rebellion.

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Keep Building & See you on the Twitters,

Joy Valerie