How do we stand up for ourselves and be mindful of social change?

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Happy Hump day! Today I opened up my headspace app and this prompt came up “How do we stand up for ourselves and be mindful of social change?” the response made me think and I hope it resonates with you as well.

“If it only impacts you, then it’s not true social change. It’s selfish -instead revisit your intention”.

When you’re building to impact your community- it’s easy to blur lines, it’s easy to become jaded by the frustrating clients, the trolls online but we have to reflect and remember WHY we are building to keep going..

There are tons of people in the world that change affects - so don’t be selfish. I think as we build - there are many unintended effects ie: in tech. We can’t be perfect - but we can try to be inclusive. We have to remember that everything is a chain reaction, biz has socio economic implication that affect how we eventually move through society. 

As some of you know, I love hiking & one of the mottos of the out doors is - leave it better than how we left it

So today I revisited my WHY and how I want to leave the world better when I leave it. I truly I want to be able to be a bridge for others - between tech, business, and small businesses. I aim to connect people of different communities and cultures, and of you all and each other!

I’ve always been the “I know a guy” type of person and want to make sure that everything I do is for the advancing of my community. The under- looked, underestimated, immigrant bad ass nerdy overachieving basic brown nerd kids ;)

Anywho - yes I didn’t send this Tuesday - but idk Im kind of feeling maybe Wednesday is a good day to send this out, middle of the week ya need that pick me up right? But GUESS WHY?

I’m a MODERNA MAMI now eyyyyyy and I’m equal parts excited to be able to go out and also..... not to 🤣 quarantine is a lifestyle choice y’all’s but ... onwards to this weeks life lessons epiphanies & RESOURCES TO BUILD

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So Now….TLDR; I am shooketh & audit myself monthly & quarterly and so aiming to work less / profit more and be strategic about it {pssst a plug to hire me } 


I need to do less, sporadic and more strategic and intentional work and that is in my business as well. So I did my audit like i do every end of the month to see where I can ZONE in and focus.Where you come from & what Im doing hustle culture is so engrained  as I’m sure many of you might be too - but it’s about balancing and being on that strategic hustle.

So the balance, in case this helps you - I had to think where do I focus my attention,/time and energy versus doing ALOT and scattered spread HELLA thin . So applying my work less - profit more motto . I began Auditing what I did - what brought me most $ / what was least time . And I am scrapping doing more speaking gigs & lives /sponsored content /pick my brains / all the mini courses ect to focus my energy on the following 👇🏽

Less is more so ways to work with me:

  • One on One / VIP intensives - content ops & logistics to streamline / automate / your workflow {Reply Back If you’re Interested}

  • Gamma Bootcamp starts in June & applications are now Open! {Reply Back If you’re Interested}

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Okay ya that’s what I’m up to- I’m sharing because if you want to work with me this is how (and sometimes we forget to tell people so this is also your reminder to hype yourself up).

Now, enough about me - here are your weekly resources…..



  • Workshop I did a while back with We All Grow that’s up FREE on YouTube



Celebrating awesome folks I’ve had the honor of working with 

  • Elizabeth of My therapy School is building a community of ongoing education for and by BIPOC Therapists has the entire line up through June with amazing resources {CHECK IT OUT HERE}

  • Doctora Nicole of Move Boldly a consulting firm dedicated to transforming the culture of Science so Marginalized People Can Thrive is hosting weekly Wednesday Instagram Lives {FOLLOW HERE}

  • Kriselle of Empowered in Color is hosting “Ask HR: Social Movements, Diversity & Inclusion, and Workplace Culture” {Sign up FREE here}

  • Danny of Millennial Reiki is launching his Reiki trainings & One on One Sessions (yay!) and hosting live Reiki {Connect with Him On IG}

  • Coach Ve of Hold Me Accountable is hosting an accountability community hour open to the public tonight 4/7 {DM her on IG to Join}


Awesome folks on the interwebs mainly twitters doing amazing that deserve some LOVIN

  • Tono Latino Shout out for the Uplifting News & Politics Newsletter {Check it out here}

  • Wander Onwards is going Viral on Tiktok yay GIRL & people can me mean go show her some love {be inspired to travel + get into tech

  • Starbucks ( I worked there all of high school so it’s my community of basic suburbanites and I’m proud of it okay) is introducing a reusable cup initiative and I’m here for it !!! Starbucks' experimental new cup costs extra, but it's worth it - CNN. listen if you ever wanna make me happy - cash, books & starbucks gift cards are my love languages 🤣

  • Get your money right with Miguel Gomez CFP & Techqueria on Building Intergenerational Wealth {RSVP HERE FREE}

  • Janette Ceja is talking at Power to Fly about The Important Role Women and Diversity Have in Travel { RSVP FREE HERE}

  • YOU for being amazing surviving a pandemic and doing the absolute most when you don’t need to, give yourself a break and deserve a shout out - and maybe some ice cream.

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