New Year, New Friends?

Yes, I know it's hard to people rn but how about we connect with the RIGHT people and leverage tech ? (Deetz inside)

Hey Hey You,

Happy New Year!!!!! It’s been a really fun 11 days so far right *insert sarcasm* ? (dark humor is how I cope okay). The truth is we have to keep going, we have to keep building, and despite what you see on the news there are more and more people who do want to make a change. We are seeing what the digital space is capable of - it can be a force for good or …. well ya know.

But just as we are seeing that there it mobilized this insurgency - there is another wave of folks mobilizing , people like YOU people who are building communties online who have felt alone and the odd one out.

Growing up as a nerdy Guatemalan child of immigrants, low income, and with so many dreams and ambitions being the “only one” I always felt our of place. I felt like I didn’t belong in white spaces but then in latino spaces was told I “acted white”. Books and math became my refuge - in books it didn’t matter what you looked like and numbers was a universal language.

Fast forward to now I look back and realize the internet made it possible for me to connect with over so many people online who are building to make an impact in their corners of the world.

So since I can’t host IRL meetups I am hosting a virtual one for Women in the Social Impact Space. If you are founder, Biz Owner, or have the entrepreneurial spirit join us Thursday for a virtual speed dating style (spots are limited so FREE RSVP asap) .

Male allies following along we will have more in the future and panels you can join in on but you can join me on IG LIVE on Sundays!

Look at me being consistent ASF (she says after 2 weeks) but I have been doing Lives with amazing entrepreneurs in different spaces kicking it off with Yvette Actually in the esoteric space, Kriselle of Empowered in Color, and Kerry of Cash is Kween talking Profit First. I’ll be chatting with Builders every Sunday at 3 PM EST (except the 17th & 31st at 7PM EST)

If you can’t make it no worries there will be more in the future and you can find the replays lives on instagram (find them here )

PS: I am going to aim to push this newsletter out consistently too - so let me know what you are building and want to see more of just reply to this email !

PPS: And as always feel free to tweet at me or send me memes on Instagram :)

PPS: If you’re on tiktok find me here and ask me questions to inspire more videos

Keep building and hope to see you soon

Okai bai,

Joy Valerie