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I had a whole other topic I wanted to talk about this week, but instead, I want to share a bit of my journey. I try to be positive on social, and sometimes I'm a bit too extra on Twitter, but I often don't share all that's going on in the chaos of my life. So today might be a little long but I hope it inspires you to aim higher and build...

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TLDR; My life is chaotic, I just made over 6K in less than 48 hours, & the colonizers lied to us, telling us money is evil to keep us from thriving NBD

It all hit me a bit too hard in the last couple of weeks, and I finally snapped being out in the woods - literal cabin fever. So my good friend Eliana was like, "come to Miami!" and my fully vaxxed self went with zero plan and trusted the universe.

 This mini workation was the rest I needed. We spent time filming, creating, and reading We Should all be millionaires on the beach and as our bedtime stories. It was ten days of connecting with people who "get it," who also have crazy big ambitions and ready to make sh*t happen.

The truth is - I am like many other first-gen children of immigrants am my family's retirement plan. It's become more apparent and more evident in this last year. As the eldest and with eight years between my siblings and me, a lot of the responsibility will fall on me in the next couple of years as they wouldn't want to put that pressure on me - it's true.

Many of our generations deal with this all while having a mountain of student debt, figuring out a business, and navigating my mental health, boundaries, and budget. 

Yet I like many others want to impact regardless because growing up low income and moving up has made confirmed one thing for me,

Poverty is an entirely unnecessary obstacle …

This last year was the slow down I needed to 1. stop spending so much on brunch, 2. tackle my finances + debt, and make a real plan for the future and emergencies. 

And oh, have there been emergencies, from getting covid, violent storms that wipe out my internet, health scares, and countless many others (If you've been following along on my insta stories, you know), but I share this not to feel bad for me but to be inspired. 

In We should all be millionaires, Rachel challenges you to 10K in 10 days - I finished the book Saturday and decided Sunday, given there were six days left in May - I would aim for 6K in 6 days. I had my game plan, followed up with some inquiries, pending clients, and promote my time management mini-course. 

6K in additional revenue would put me at 10K for the month after a slow month and would let me have more cash flow to pay my team, pay myself, and pay off some debt.

And by 1 PM today, less than 48 hours of my self-imposed challenge... I had 7.2K confirmed by just following up with folks who wanted to work with me. 

Now you might be like, "uh, but why are you talking about money if we want to impact" .... well, who's going to pay those salaries, who's going to pay those permits to protest, who is going to fund politicians that will change policy that takes care of our people. We need cash money to pays front the bill at the end of the day.

More Money = More Impact!

The biggest scam ever told was that money is evil.

I genuinely believe colonizers knew that if we say the value of the gold in our ancestors' lands- we'd be having a different conversation.

My mother always says, "estamos reclamando oro" which I have adopted in all my talks in the last year. This stolen gold was melted down into coins that funded explorations to the "new world" that colonized and enslaved people across the Americas and Africa.

This same gold has been melted down into microchips and used in the technology we use, fueling the information revolution, which lacks its users' diversity. I want us to reclaim that - to be in spaces and educate, empower, and team up to build better - for and by our people. 

"Well, we can't support each other. We are always fighting." 

Lies, all lies! We come from communities that care about community first - that support and take care of those that lack. We don't need to fight for a seat at the table. We can build bigger tables and sit together because united communities are harder to conquer. 

So how convenient was it to convince us that we'd be humble if we were poor, that money was evil, instead of realizing money only amplifies what is there. That wealth in the hands of people who give a sh*t - is a powerful force. 

Anyways, I don't know about you, but for me, this is a game-changer. Having money that covers my basic needs means I can choose to work on what truly sparks joy, take care of my team, but most of all - show my parents that their investment in me - in leaving our homeland was worth it. 

Anywho here are this week's resources to build with joy ;) 

  • Money Mindset: Our Generational Tasks a throwback to a Basic Brown Nerd episode when I chatted with Veronica about working through generational trauma, boundaries, and our generations' tasks to heal and thrive. {Watch & Listen Here}

  • Biz Money Management: A fantastic interview with Kerry Deliz of Cash is Queen on the Profit First method that changed my life and helped me manage my money  {Watch & Listen Here}

  • Tools: Lili Bank, If you are a freelancer or side hustler, I love Lili Bank to make sure you have $ saved for taxes by automatically deducting a % into a tax bucket ready for tax season. Sign up here with my affiliate link for $50 to start. 

  • Time Management: My top 10 tips to manage your time and be a more productive cause - I know it's nice out, and it's tempting just not to do anything pero, trust me, it's worth it now to work hard play harder later. {Full Blog Post}

  • Book I'm reading: "Banker to the Poor" by a hero and Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank, where I had my first big girl job 

  • Creative Opportunity: Nosotors 3rd Annual Ya Tu Sabes Monologue Slam {Submit Your Monologue judged by amigo & fellow chapino Erik Rivera }

This week's Promo, yes I’m still aiming to surpass my goal …

My time management workshop  

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Hasta next week keep building with joy, 

Joy Valerie