Okay I did it.... I let go of perfection and launched the podcast

open up to find the latest episode and let me know if any resonates with you

Hey Builder,

Okay I know I know, I’m the queen of telling everyone else to let go of things being perfect to just start but you know how hard it is when you know EXACTLY how you need to do things and it’s NOT perfect. I’ve had this idea the last year of sharing my story and the stories of folks I don’t see often in a series.

But … it’s easier to take on more clients and help them instead of putting myself out there. It’s also quicker money to get paid to do the work for others and helping elevate their businesses.

After all, I am in operations, I’m used to being behind the scenes and not the face. But here I am building a platform where we talk about building and so I’m leaning into it.

And more so sharing my journey cause i don’t think you all realize how random and bizarre my life is. I also started digging deeper as to why I even wanted to work for myself and it’s because my dream is to travel and work on my own terms.

So as I reach for my first 100K solely on my digital business on Build with Joy and doing only work I truly love. I will be debt-free and free to live as a digital nomad not chained to any one place while working remotely with people all over the world. My goal this summer is to transition from corporate clients to fully focus on the Bootcamp and only offering VIP implementation days. So I can truly work less while saving up for this dream.

So I’m not there YET… and this is the first step where I bring you all on this journey to well… Build with Joy.

Every Sunday you can expect a solo episode with me, my updates, and lessons I’ve learned building and Tuesday Episodes with amazing Entrepreneurs like this week with Cinthya of Utz Threads on how to build an ethical business.

I hope you enjoy the episode you can also listen on Anchor, Spotify, google play, and

and you can watch it here on Youtube

If you listen please tag me and let me know what you took away from the episodes so far!

Keep building,

Joy Valerie

You deserve to thrive and make all the monies. Yes, I said $$$

Colonial lies about money + tips for time management + your weekly resources to build with joy + impact your community waiting inside...

Hola Builder, 

I had a whole other topic I wanted to talk about this week, but instead, I want to share a bit of my journey. I try to be positive on social, and sometimes I'm a bit too extra on Twitter, but I often don't share all that's going on in the chaos of my life. So today might be a little long but I hope it inspires you to aim higher and build...

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TLDR; My life is chaotic, I just made over 6K in less than 48 hours, & the colonizers lied to us, telling us money is evil to keep us from thriving NBD

It all hit me a bit too hard in the last couple of weeks, and I finally snapped being out in the woods - literal cabin fever. So my good friend Eliana was like, "come to Miami!" and my fully vaxxed self went with zero plan and trusted the universe.

 This mini workation was the rest I needed. We spent time filming, creating, and reading We Should all be millionaires on the beach and as our bedtime stories. It was ten days of connecting with people who "get it," who also have crazy big ambitions and ready to make sh*t happen.

The truth is - I am like many other first-gen children of immigrants am my family's retirement plan. It's become more apparent and more evident in this last year. As the eldest and with eight years between my siblings and me, a lot of the responsibility will fall on me in the next couple of years as they wouldn't want to put that pressure on me - it's true.

Many of our generations deal with this all while having a mountain of student debt, figuring out a business, and navigating my mental health, boundaries, and budget. 

Yet I like many others want to impact regardless because growing up low income and moving up has made confirmed one thing for me,

Poverty is an entirely unnecessary obstacle …

This last year was the slow down I needed to 1. stop spending so much on brunch, 2. tackle my finances + debt, and make a real plan for the future and emergencies. 

And oh, have there been emergencies, from getting covid, violent storms that wipe out my internet, health scares, and countless many others (If you've been following along on my insta stories, you know), but I share this not to feel bad for me but to be inspired. 

In We should all be millionaires, Rachel challenges you to 10K in 10 days - I finished the book Saturday and decided Sunday, given there were six days left in May - I would aim for 6K in 6 days. I had my game plan, followed up with some inquiries, pending clients, and promote my time management mini-course. 

6K in additional revenue would put me at 10K for the month after a slow month and would let me have more cash flow to pay my team, pay myself, and pay off some debt.

And by 1 PM today, less than 48 hours of my self-imposed challenge... I had 7.2K confirmed by just following up with folks who wanted to work with me. 

Now you might be like, "uh, but why are you talking about money if we want to impact" .... well, who's going to pay those salaries, who's going to pay those permits to protest, who is going to fund politicians that will change policy that takes care of our people. We need cash money to pays front the bill at the end of the day.

More Money = More Impact!

The biggest scam ever told was that money is evil.

I genuinely believe colonizers knew that if we say the value of the gold in our ancestors' lands- we'd be having a different conversation.

My mother always says, "estamos reclamando oro" which I have adopted in all my talks in the last year. This stolen gold was melted down into coins that funded explorations to the "new world" that colonized and enslaved people across the Americas and Africa.

This same gold has been melted down into microchips and used in the technology we use, fueling the information revolution, which lacks its users' diversity. I want us to reclaim that - to be in spaces and educate, empower, and team up to build better - for and by our people. 

"Well, we can't support each other. We are always fighting." 

Lies, all lies! We come from communities that care about community first - that support and take care of those that lack. We don't need to fight for a seat at the table. We can build bigger tables and sit together because united communities are harder to conquer. 

So how convenient was it to convince us that we'd be humble if we were poor, that money was evil, instead of realizing money only amplifies what is there. That wealth in the hands of people who give a sh*t - is a powerful force. 

Anyways, I don't know about you, but for me, this is a game-changer. Having money that covers my basic needs means I can choose to work on what truly sparks joy, take care of my team, but most of all - show my parents that their investment in me - in leaving our homeland was worth it. 

Anywho here are this week's resources to build with joy ;) 

  • Money Mindset: Our Generational Tasks a throwback to a Basic Brown Nerd episode when I chatted with Veronica about working through generational trauma, boundaries, and our generations' tasks to heal and thrive. {Watch & Listen Here}

  • Biz Money Management: A fantastic interview with Kerry Deliz of Cash is Queen on the Profit First method that changed my life and helped me manage my money  {Watch & Listen Here}

  • Tools: Lili Bank, If you are a freelancer or side hustler, I love Lili Bank to make sure you have $ saved for taxes by automatically deducting a % into a tax bucket ready for tax season. Sign up here with my affiliate link for $50 to start. 

  • Time Management: My top 10 tips to manage your time and be a more productive cause - I know it's nice out, and it's tempting just not to do anything pero, trust me, it's worth it now to work hard play harder later. {Full Blog Post}

  • Book I'm reading: "Banker to the Poor" by a hero and Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank, where I had my first big girl job 

  • Creative Opportunity: Nosotors 3rd Annual Ya Tu Sabes Monologue Slam {Submit Your Monologue judged by amigo & fellow chapino Erik Rivera }

This week's Promo, yes I’m still aiming to surpass my goal …

My time management workshop  

watch on your own time a 45-minute workshop to get you managing your time more efficiently. You can also find the bundle here with + workbook + calendar to help you plan here on sale for $37 {YOU NEED THIS

I hope this gave you a little inspiration with your cafecito. Feel free to tweet me your thoughts, share on Instagram stories, or respond with your thoughts directly to this email. 

Feel free to share this email with someone who needs some inspiration as they build. to impact!

Hasta next week keep building with joy, 

Joy Valerie

Are you used to chaos and inconvenience?

building is hard and we deserve to thrive. Open up for your dose of joy with resources to build, shout outs, and communities to connect with.

Are you used to inconvenience & obstacles? 

Hey Builders,

It's been a week- err month- year, and the truth is - as someone who's used to the chaos and has literally made a career from turning chaos into structure & simplistic, I realized... I get used to the inconveniences in my own life.

I can spot the inconveniences in businesses and workflows, but sometimes I'll admit, like most of us, I get a bit too comfortable with my own day-to-day in industry and in life and get used to the chaos. 

But it adds up, and we get used to accepting less than we deserve. It can sometimes be the little things; instead of stopping to optimize - and fix it - we power through and make due.

Last weekend, my friend Susie was pointing out how I was driving with my car windshield full of pollen, and tbh I hadn't even noticed. I just drove through the inconvenience- squinting my eyes but instantly headed to the gas station to clean it since she would be driving the car halfway on our mini NY road trip. I could not let her go through the inconvenience. 

But why should I? It took me less than 10 minutes to stop and clean, then it hit me - I do this a lot in my life.

I'm used to figuring it out. I live in the country, after all, where we make due. Where we literally don't rely on ourselves to bring our own gas and water. Where when the power goes out - we have a backup. I'm all for being self-sufficient and reliable - but if we have access to it, why not make life easier for ourselves? 

When you grow up with little means - you get used to inconvenience, but those little things add up and are exhausting. And sometimes we forget to ask for help, try to take it all on instead of simplifying, and sometimes even let an order go wrong and pay extra - literally costing us por pena.

So my lesson, and I hope yours is to make life a little easier for yourself—your business. And enjoy life - as comfortable & convenient why? Well, because you deserve it.

Now here to make your life easier, your weekly resources sponsored by Build with Joy -

yes me - want to talk through strategy and “pick my brain” book 1 of 5 Building Power sessions this month with me.

Build with me


  • VidCast Episode of the Week: Learn some lessons on building a Six-Figure Side Hustle with Jannese of Yo Quiero Dinero

  • Book: "We Should all be Millionaires" - I’m halfway through and wow just the validation reading about a brown girl from Queens talking about making money as an act against the patriarchy - making me realize. It’s not wild of me to talking about reclamando oro, but keep saying it. {Check it out Here}

  • Blog post: How to build a process - here is how I start building with my clients and teamed up with We are Rosie to share how {Blog post here}

  • Tech Tool: IFTT - short for IF This Then That - now that you have to build your process time to start connecting and syncing the apps with this tool {IFTTT}


  • Coach Ve is holding space for BIPOC folks to stay accountable with their bi-weekly sessions {Join in}

  • Danny is teaching Reiki 1 + 2 to incorporate into your Business May 17th + 18th {Join the class}

  • Cinthya of Critatura Organix, a first-gen Guatemalan owned biz is launching her plantitas straight to you in LA {Check it out here}

Next cohort is starting June 24th apply to be in the next cohort and build better systems

Apply Now


If you so choose to accept it: this week, make your life easier. Identify the little inconveniences and think about how you can simplify it - maybe it’s asking for help or setting a boundary! I encourage you to act on it this week + let me know on Twitter or IG stories how you did.

Hasta la proxima keep & building with joy ;),

Joy Valerie

1 in 4 latinas start business but will we make it?

If women like these team up and make it happen maybe we can...

Hey Builder,

Happy Monday - I’m really excited you know why?! Because it’s the first day of the Side Hustle Summit numero 3! Yup, the third one. This came out of Jannesse from YoQuieroDinero Podcast connecting some amazing mujeres on the internet with an idea to build together and help other women fight the patriarchy through financial independence. One DM slide and goal to build equitably sharing our lessons as we were building our businesses to build.

Yes, the world might seem rough and there are very real situations that face our communities every day but at the same time we have this tool - the internet - a new technology that is allowing us to connect and build better systems, not just in business but in our society.

Almost 4 years ago I started sharing my story online and since been connected to so many amazing women building, yes even before the pandemic. When we team up - we are unstoppable. You can find your biggest supporters on the internet and even business partners. The key is just starting, not being perfect!

I realized I need to let go more of being a perfectionist and just start - just build and stick to the deadline even if its not perfect.

So you get an extra email this week to kick off the Side Hustle Summit and me finally putting the podcast I wanted to start a year ago talking to some of those amazing builders the internet has connected me to starting with Cinthya of Utz Threads (who just has launched her second product line- check it out here they’re ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!)

you can also listen to the podcast here : {LISTEN TO ME HERE}

and if you want to build with us this week you can still get your ticket to the Side Hustle Summit this week 6 days of workshops with amazing mujeres.

Join the Sumit

I’ll be back in your inbox this Wednesday at Cafecito time with all the resources, events, goodies until then let me know what you’re building!

hasta la proxima,

Joy Valerie Carrera

How do we stand up for ourselves and be mindful of social change?

Open up for your JAM PACKED weekly resources, upcoming events, community wins and general pick me up to keep you building with joy ;)

Hi Builder,

Happy Hump day! Today I opened up my headspace app and this prompt came up “How do we stand up for ourselves and be mindful of social change?” the response made me think and I hope it resonates with you as well.

“If it only impacts you, then it’s not true social change. It’s selfish -instead revisit your intention”.

When you’re building to impact your community- it’s easy to blur lines, it’s easy to become jaded by the frustrating clients, the trolls online but we have to reflect and remember WHY we are building to keep going..

There are tons of people in the world that change affects - so don’t be selfish. I think as we build - there are many unintended effects ie: in tech. We can’t be perfect - but we can try to be inclusive. We have to remember that everything is a chain reaction, biz has socio economic implication that affect how we eventually move through society. 

As some of you know, I love hiking & one of the mottos of the out doors is - leave it better than how we left it

So today I revisited my WHY and how I want to leave the world better when I leave it. I truly I want to be able to be a bridge for others - between tech, business, and small businesses. I aim to connect people of different communities and cultures, and of you all and each other!

I’ve always been the “I know a guy” type of person and want to make sure that everything I do is for the advancing of my community. The under- looked, underestimated, immigrant bad ass nerdy overachieving basic brown nerd kids ;)

Anywho - yes I didn’t send this Tuesday - but idk Im kind of feeling maybe Wednesday is a good day to send this out, middle of the week ya need that pick me up right? But GUESS WHY?

I’m a MODERNA MAMI now eyyyyyy and I’m equal parts excited to be able to go out and also..... not to 🤣 quarantine is a lifestyle choice y’all’s but ... onwards to this weeks life lessons epiphanies & RESOURCES TO BUILD

But Before that & speaking of Basic Brown Nerds, Impact, Building Businesses I’m super excited to tell ya’ll WE HAVE A SPONSOR for this newsletter Tequila Alquimia, a family owned organic fair trade award winning tequila. DM on IG and let Eliana know I sent ya!

So Now….TLDR; I am shooketh & audit myself monthly & quarterly and so aiming to work less / profit more and be strategic about it {pssst a plug to hire me } 


I need to do less, sporadic and more strategic and intentional work and that is in my business as well. So I did my audit like i do every end of the month to see where I can ZONE in and focus.Where you come from & what Im doing hustle culture is so engrained  as I’m sure many of you might be too - but it’s about balancing and being on that strategic hustle.

So the balance, in case this helps you - I had to think where do I focus my attention,/time and energy versus doing ALOT and scattered spread HELLA thin . So applying my work less - profit more motto . I began Auditing what I did - what brought me most $ / what was least time . And I am scrapping doing more speaking gigs & lives /sponsored content /pick my brains / all the mini courses ect to focus my energy on the following 👇🏽

Less is more so ways to work with me:

  • One on One / VIP intensives - content ops & logistics to streamline / automate / your workflow {Reply Back If you’re Interested}

  • Gamma Bootcamp starts in June & applications are now Open! {Reply Back If you’re Interested}

  • Keep following updates here !

Okay ya that’s what I’m up to- I’m sharing because if you want to work with me this is how (and sometimes we forget to tell people so this is also your reminder to hype yourself up).

Now, enough about me - here are your weekly resources…..



  • Workshop I did a while back with We All Grow that’s up FREE on YouTube



Celebrating awesome folks I’ve had the honor of working with 

  • Elizabeth of My therapy School is building a community of ongoing education for and by BIPOC Therapists has the entire line up through June with amazing resources {CHECK IT OUT HERE}

  • Doctora Nicole of Move Boldly a consulting firm dedicated to transforming the culture of Science so Marginalized People Can Thrive is hosting weekly Wednesday Instagram Lives {FOLLOW HERE}

  • Kriselle of Empowered in Color is hosting “Ask HR: Social Movements, Diversity & Inclusion, and Workplace Culture” {Sign up FREE here}

  • Danny of Millennial Reiki is launching his Reiki trainings & One on One Sessions (yay!) and hosting live Reiki {Connect with Him On IG}

  • Coach Ve of Hold Me Accountable is hosting an accountability community hour open to the public tonight 4/7 {DM her on IG to Join}


Awesome folks on the interwebs mainly twitters doing amazing that deserve some LOVIN

  • Tono Latino Shout out for the Uplifting News & Politics Newsletter {Check it out here}

  • Wander Onwards is going Viral on Tiktok yay GIRL & people can me mean go show her some love {be inspired to travel + get into tech

  • Starbucks ( I worked there all of high school so it’s my community of basic suburbanites and I’m proud of it okay) is introducing a reusable cup initiative and I’m here for it !!! Starbucks' experimental new cup costs extra, but it's worth it - CNN. listen if you ever wanna make me happy - cash, books & starbucks gift cards are my love languages 🤣

  • Get your money right with Miguel Gomez CFP & Techqueria on Building Intergenerational Wealth {RSVP HERE FREE}

  • Janette Ceja is talking at Power to Fly about The Important Role Women and Diversity Have in Travel { RSVP FREE HERE}

  • YOU for being amazing surviving a pandemic and doing the absolute most when you don’t need to, give yourself a break and deserve a shout out - and maybe some ice cream.

  • PPS If you want your free events featured here - literally follow me on twitter and respond when I ask before I sent out (yes that easy and yes on twitter cause it’s all in one spot for me)

That’s all for this week fam

If someone shared this newsletter with you feel free to ….

feel free to tweet at me, tag me in your IG stories, or simply respond to this email and let me know if you found this valuable (yes, I ACTUALLY read it and do a little happy dance)  

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Hasta la next hump day!

- Joy Valerie

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