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Truth is most of what I use in my day to day now to make a living I learned online.
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PS: I'm FINE , but just sharing some of the lessons learned, what's new for 2021, and Tech, Money, Creative Hacks you should now before 2020 is up.
Yes, I know it's hard to people rn but how about we connect with the RIGHT people and leverage tech ? (Deetz inside)
No I'm serious why do we do this? As I procrastinate sending this newsletter & telling you about tonight's event (oops) * anyways open up for all the…
But first lets look the internet is changing how we work, do business, but what is the history of work?
But first here is a jam packed election free update to keep you sane
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JK some day's just suck and that's OKAY, I'm not here to be your super peppy friend (cause soy darks) but here are some things going on to make it a wee…
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